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Monday, May 18, 2009

Math Monday: Fractions

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It is never too early to start introducing your child to the concepts related to fractions. Even the youngest children understand quite clearly what it means to split something in 1/2. Everyday opportunities abound for building on this important math skill.

Maria @ Homeschool Math Blog has 2 tutorial video blogs about teaching fractions.

Let's Play Math explains fraction models and supplies a card game.

Let's Play Math defines what students at different ages need to know about fractions.
Elementary Students
How to read a fraction.
How to work with fraction families.
“Of” means multiply.

For Older Students
A fraction is a division problem.
A fraction is a comparison.
A fraction is a reciprocal.

Math Lessons has a great article about creative ideas for teaching fractions.

They also have a page of fraction worksheets & games.

Hersheys Candy Bars are a great way to teach fractions: between 1/8 & 1 whole .
Check out The Hersheys Milk Chocolate Bar Fraction Book.

Working with your child in the kitchen is also another fraction teachable moment.

EdHelper also has worksheets for practicing fractions.

Suite 101 has fun ideas for dividing shapes into fractions to make art.

To practice with middle school students, Helping With Math is an age appropriate online resource.

Dominos provide a unique opportunity for practice with writing fractions.
Turn all of the dominos upside down. Have your child draw one. Using the dots on the domino work with your child to write the cooresponding fraction.


2/6 (Older children can also practice reducting fractions = 1/3)
3/6 (1/2)
4/6 (2/3)

Turn the dominos over and write the new fractions
1- 1/2

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  1. Thanks for all the fraction ideas-this can be such a tough concept. My oldest has a lot of trouble with math so I'm going to check these out. Great idea!