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Friday, May 22, 2009

Sidewalk Chalk

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For today's Fun Friday Activity, we're highlighting sidewalk chalk, it's a fun way to take art outside, but don't stop there. There are almost as many ways to use sidewalk chalk as there are ways to make it. Have fun!


All Free Crafts has a recipe for sidewalk chalk.
Mom's Budget shares her recipe for chalk.
They also have an interesting recipe for eggshell chalk.
Blisstree's recipe for chalk is scented and glittery - fun!
Frugal Family's has a "cheap and easy" recipe.
Want a neon blend? Try Bugdet 101's recipe.
My Sidewalk Chalk has a color changing recipe.
Easy Fun School has an eggshell recipe & a cornstarch recipe.
Ohdeedoh has a recipe for sidewalk paint.
eBeanstalk sells a great set of Doug & Melissa triangular sidewalk chalks that are easy to grasp.
Kiddio made multi-colored heart shaped chalk.
Take a look at Carol Weatherford's complete Lesson Guide for Sidewalk Chalk: Poems of the City.

Host a neighborhood wide "Chalk the Walk" day. Encourage the kids to fill your area sidewalks with colorful designs.

Super Heroes and Princesses had all kinds of fun with chalk. They incorported the story A Piece of Chalk by Jennifer A. Ericsson.

They also experimented with chalk painting.

The Masked Momma and her daughter demonstrated painting with sidewalk chalk.

They even integrated their theme book for the week!

Sidewalk chalk aids in the study of how the sun moves and creates shadows. Trace the shadow of an object on the sidewalk. Leave the object in place and check back on it to watch the shadow move over time.

A to Z Kids Stuff has 2 fun sidewalk chalk game suggestions: Heart Break & Stake Out.

Chalk can also be used to:

~draw a hopscotch board
~write numbers for shuffleboard
~design a course for bikes or scooters to travel down.
~four square boxes
~sidewalk tic-tac-toe
~score keeping during outdoor games

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  1. Great ideas. I need to whip my little guy up a bath of sidewalk chalk. =)

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  3. Wow! I never knew you could make sidewalk chalk-thanks! My girls go through this like crazy. I'm going to check these all out. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas you've given us. Can't wait for next week and the Prize Picnic to start. I'll be joining in.

  4. Fun! That first picture looks like rice krispy treats. Or maybe I'm just hungry :)

  5. Thank you for chalk recipes! I find them here and there on the web but it's so nice just to have them in 1 post to look up. I'm going to go figure out which ones I should make this week.

    Have a blessed week!