ABC and 123: A Learning Collaborative: Gardening and Planting Activities

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gardening and Planting Activities

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Gardening is a wonderful learning activity to do with your child. Children are naturally curious and full of energy that's just waiting to be harnessed! Choosing which plants to grow, digging in the dirt, and then having the fun of watering it day is something most kids will be interested in without too much prodding.

Turn up the learning factor by making predictions: which plant will grow the fastest, which one the highest, and so on. Keep record journals and measure your plants growth with a ruler, younger children can draw pictures of their plants a set intervals to track the changes as their plants grow. Try planting a jelly bean, and seeing what happens, there's always someone hoping that candy will soon be popping through the ground!

Plus it's very rewarding to your child to reap the benefits of gardening, a meal or side dish made with fruits or vegetables that he or she has grown and nutured. It also teaches kids about all the work that goes into farming and appreciation for the food we eat each day.

It seems that a lot of our members have a green thumb! Go see what all our gardeners in training have been working on with their parents! If you have an activity or a favorite book about gardening please share it with us and leave a comment!

Teaching Tiny Tots has submitted a great article about planting a vegetable or herb garden.

CanTeach has a fun list of gardening poems and tunes!

The Magic Onions shares about the delights & lessons in planting mint!

She also shares about the daily wonders in a moss garden.

This fairy garden is also from The Magic Onions. Check out her post on finding fairy furniture.

Adventures of a Flake made cute Fairy Gardens

She also planted radishes as a play date activity.


  1. This topic got me so excited today! I went to our local garden place and bought alfalfa, mint, and clover for us to plant this weekend in a container!! Thanks for the kickstart. I loooove all the ideas.

  2. I saw these at a specialty "gardening/home store" with all the cool and super expensive adds (like a $10 tiny ceramic pot PLEASE!). I thought they were so cute but no chance would I create one because of price. Thank you for showing a super cute and affordable way to make one!