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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Picnic Activities: National Physical Education Month

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What does every good picnic need? Some great activities of course! In honor of National Physical Education Month, here are ideas to get everyone moving!

Need some ideas on how to manage PE activities? Amy at Teach Mama suggests some educational ways that help her kids take turns on the swing that can be used in many different situations.

Take your kids outdoors for an outside scavanger hunt, Amber at Hey, I'm Just the Nanny shares her version.

But if the weather won't cooperate, try Teaching Heart Mom's Home Hunt. She even provides picture cards for you to use with her game.

Instructables suggests a little monkey-ing around while teaching your child to spell his or her name.

Take a look at No Time for Flashcards for simple suggestions on setting up a mini-olympics.

Flipflops and Applesauce has a fun idea for sticker tag, what kid doesn't love stickers?

Games Kids Play has a great list of favorite jump rope rhymes. Bring back any memories?

The kids at Annie's Alphabet Home love parachut play, seeing the big smiles on their faces reminds us why parachuts remain a main stay in early childhood classrooms and daycares. Looking for more ways to use your parachute, try here.

Kids Games has many games listed, including many traditonal favorites you may have forgotten about such as capture the flag, red light green light, and 500 as well as many others divided into categories such as chasing games and sensing games. With so many choices you're bound to find some way to keep everyone busy and having fun! It won't even feel like exercise☺

Another great online resource is PE Central, there you'll find classroom management techniques, activities divided up by grades, and lots more.

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Come on back tomorrow, for our first Picnic Table Talk! Be ready to link up your introduction post on your blog, to see suggestions for what to include in it see our announcement post. We can't wait to come around and meet all you and get to know our community of teachers and learners better!


  1. The outside scavenger hunt from "I'm just the nanny" link isn't working.

  2. Fun post. I am always looking for fun activities to get my daughter learning and moving.