ABC and 123: A Learning Collaborative: Color Pink

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Color Pink

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May's color theme is "All Things PINK!"

Did you know that the pink rose symbolizes appreciation? Perhaps you and your child would like to buy a few pink roses, attach a message or letter, and pass them out to the people you appreciate.

Want to learn more interesting facts about the color pink? Check out this informative website.

Activity Village has a Flashcard Video called The Color Pink.

Download a Pink Things Color Book Enchanted Learning. Or learn more about how to say pink in many different languages.

At Mom's Break you can download a printable Pink Rose Craft alphabet.
The Poem Hunter has pages and pages of pink poems.

Pink Crafts:

Preschool play book has instructions for a Perky, Pink Pig.
Preschool Rock suggests making a Pink Pig Bank.

Animal Crafts for Kids has a Pink Pig Pot Project.
Explore shades of pink with DLTK's Pinky Pal Project.

Pink Books:
Pinkalicious, by Victoria Kann
First Pink Light by Eloise Greenfield
Little Pink Pig by Pat Hutchins
Roses Are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink by Diane De Groat

Pink Snacks
Pigs in the Mud - Roll some pink marshmellows around in chocolate pudding for a silly, pink snack!

Pink Beetle Biscuits from Edible Crafts.


  1. Pinkalicious is a fave around here!
    We also have Purpilicious which is equally loved. Great other pink tips!

  2. thanks for the pink ideas- we are having pink day next week and i needed some resources!

  3. Yay for pink!!! Mine will have fun iwth this one!

  4. Fun! We also love Pinkalicious.