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Friday, May 1, 2009

Letter B Activities

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Thank you for coming by today! This week's Fun with Letters Friday is all about the letter B! We've got some great activities to share with you, but if you haven't already done so, don't forget to sign up for our big Itty Bitty Bookworm Giveaway!

Letter B Book Pages

Apples and Jammies is making an ABC book, the B page has been made with beans
Storytime and More and her daughter made their letter B with bubble art.
Just for Fun made a B is for Birds finger print project.

Annette at the Whipples is working on an ABC sound book. She uses Goggle images and family pictures to represent words her daughter can say that start with B. See other pages here. What a great idea to have make a child led book, that her daughter can read when it's done.

More Fun with Letter B
Letters, Numbers, and Books Oh My made a blue shades and tints painting with her daughter. They also did this bumblebee craft and made a letter B picture by gluing on punched out butterfly shapes.
Make a B is for picture: B is for Bear! B is also for blue, bow, button, and band-aid with Boots on it!
Make a hibernating bear, like on Preschool Playbook.
You can also play balloon ball by making a cone shape out of paper. Blow up a balloon and toss it up in the air, try to catch it on your cone.

Sort, count, and graph gummy bears. What a sweet treat of an activity!

We will be featuring several butterfly activities in an upcoming post that would also be perfect for a springtime letter study of B, so keep your eye out for it! We got a ton of submissions and we're excited to share everyone's great ideas!

Letter B Activities from

How Many Bear book from, you can get it in black & white or color.

Bear Shape Matching game, click for black & white or color.

Bee letter tracing activity that you can download, laminate, add to a ring binder and make into a reusable activity. It's available in black & white or color.

Bee Count and Graph book, black & white or color versions are available.

Bird Number Puzzles, in black & white or color.

Birdhouse Shape Match File Folder Game, in black & white or color.

Letter B Cooking Activities
Adventures of a Flake made a letter B breakfast muffin tin meal, it included bagels with blackberry jam, brown chocolate milk, blueberries and bananas. This post also shares a summary of her B week plans. Another yummy letter B activity they did, was to make banana bread and butter, sounds delicious!

Make a Bear Face by taking a rice cake and spreading with peanut butter. Use banana slices for the ears. Add a mini ritz cracker for the muzzle and two raisins for eyes.

Read a version of Teddy Bear's Picnic, then have a real picnic and invite all your furry friends. Spread out a blanket either inside or outside if the weather is nice. You can serve anything you like but Teddy Grahams would certainly be appropriate!

If you have a great letter B activity, please let us all know by leaving us a link in the comments! It doesn't have to say that it's specifically for letter B, it could be a related thematic themed activity such as one about bears, birds, butterflies, a color that begins with B, bubbles, and lots more!


  1. thanks for including me in all the wonderful Bb stuff!!!

    next week we are doing Mm and Monkeys :) since my youngest is a monkey :)

  2. i am using some of your ideas (as well as other ideas i have created or found online) into my ABC wikipages... check it out:

    (it is still in the very early stages of development!)