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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Alphabet Block Activities and Giveaway

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Activities with Alphabet Blocks
~Have your child hand you blocks by letter, and repeat each block's letter. ~Starting with "A," place the blocks in a long sequenced row, and say or sing the "ABC" song a few times as you touch each block.
~After your child comfortably knows letter names and sounds, you can place the blocks next to each other and start spelling out words.
~If you have multiple block sets, play a child-suitable game of Scrabble.
~Put the blocks in ABC order
~Sort the letters into 2 piles: vowels and consonants
~Find an object starting with each letter of the ABCs and match them to the correct block

EHow has a great list of suggestions for teaching letters using ABC Blocks. Their ideas are apporparite for kids of various ages and abilities.

A Chance to Win!
I'm pleased to be able to introduce you to Kate the creative spirit behind Bloem and Grow: Handcrafted Building Blocks.

Because, when we saw them we thought you would
Love the opportunity to participate in a bit of a sitewarming
Openhouse & at the same time discover a handmade gift appropriate for
Every baby shower, bitty birthday party, or room decorating project on your shopping list.
Monogrammed toy blocks! Made with love

& attention to design, style, and safety!

Get a customized set of 6 blocks for only $15 or 13 blocks for $30.
Really affordable, really adorable, and really useable!
Order today by visiting Kate at Bloem and Grow's shop ~or~
WIN a free set!

Kate is offering a set of 13 alphabet blocks to one of our lucky readers. The winner will be able to pick one of the sets featured on Bloem and Grow's site or choose a paper set from the offerings and Kate will put those blocks together. Kate is very friendly and willing to create a set that fits you to a T - or an ABC!

To enter:
~Visit Bloem & Grow to take a look at the lovely sample sets Kate already has made up, as well as many other paper choices. You will love some of the thematic sets she has recently made for the fall holidays. Come back and leave a comment mentioning your favorite of the sets shown.

Additional Entries: (Please leave a separate comment for each entry to be counted)
~Leave a comment or suggestion for Kate on one of her blog's posts.
~Suggest a learning activity using alphabet blocks
~Follow ABC & 123: A Learning Cooperative
~Tweet about this giveaway and let leave the URL of your tweet in a comment (You may do this once each day for many extra entries)
~Subscribe to ABC & 123
~Follow Kate at Bloem and Grow
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This giveaway will close at midnight EST on Tuesday, September 22.


  1. LOVE this one- Bright 'n' Bold

  2. follow her on twitter - kgail11

  3. I left a comment for Kate - cute site and a great idea :) Love to support a working-from-home mama!

  4. Here are a few of my favorite learning activities with foam letters - would also work with ABC blocks:

  5. I am following your blog now ... can't wait to come back and check out your archives :)

  6. I like animal crackers best...cute names too!

  7. I think a good use is just practicing letter ID, and especially preacting first names.

  8. We love to use alphabet blocks for many things: saying the letters, spelling easy 3 letter words, stack and making towers, many things from math to language

  9. left her a comment: Teaching My Little BookWorm said...
    great ideas! we love alphabet blocks (really any block!) :)

    they are super cute!

  10. we would buy up tinkerbell or princess in a heartbeat.

    we like the butterfly kisses they are real pretty

  11. I like the heroes set (for my boys) and the sweet and simple (for me) the best.

  12. I love the Chocolate Strawberry! Pink and brown get me everytime:)

  13. I think they should do "Live" "Laugh" and "Love" boxs

  14. You can do matching games with the blocks

  15. I subscribe through google reader

  16. I love all the blocks with names on them :)

  17. Heres an idea: Matching cap letters with lowercase letters ie: A a or B b, so that children know letters big and small.

  18. I left a suggestion for her here

  19. oh- so many chances to win! thanks!

    I would order those halloweeen themed set. I just love the fall!

  20. Block activity: change a letter
    two players
    start with a word: ex FOX
    have the first player change one letter to make a new word. ex FAX
    next player changes a letter to make a new word: FAT. Keep going, BAT... BET... BEN.... HEN...etc

  21. I am leaving her a comment on her blog. thanks again guys!

  22. I love, Love the bright and bold, animal crackers design.

  23. My favorite activity for building blocks is a boredom buster. I wrote an activity on each face of the block and rolled it whenever the kids said they were bored, whatever the dice said was the activity of the hour

  24. And as of today, I am a follower of ABC & 123! Love this site!

  25. Want to follow via facebook... couldn't find your blog so I set a link up for you:

    Do you have an official facebook follow widget that I missed?

  26. I love the cupcake and little boy blue.

  27. Ooh, I like the animal crackers design - so cute! :)

  28. I love Turquoise Dream!

    acunningham (dot) liberal (at) gmail (dot) com

  29. I am crazy for Animal Crackers! Thanks for the giveaway!